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Ammonia In Hair Color

Have you ever had the following symptoms when getting your hair colored with chemical colours - itchy scalp, coughing red/watery eyes??? This reaction along with the salon's toxic smell - is all thanks to Ammonia and can be avoided.

What is Ammonia??

A corrosive chemical made up of nitrogen and hydrogen, which is used in hair dye as well as plastics, pesticides and many household cleaning agents. Humans and animals excrete ammonia as a waste product because it is very toxic to the body. 

 Ammonia is a hazardous chemical that can be harmful to your health

Ammonia in it's various forms is used in perms, colours, bleaches and hair straighteners.

HOWEVER, AMMONIA IS ALSO USED IN THE MANUFACTURING OF EXPLOSIVES and is extremely toxic when concentrated vapours are inhaled and may be irritating tot he eyes, hands and mucous membranes. It may also cause hair breakage. In a strong solution it may cause skin to burn and blister.

Ammonia Hydroxide is harmful to the environment and kills aquatic life, even at low concentrated levels. "The Quit Commercial" refers to ammonia as a toxic toilet cleaner.

What Does it Do?

Certain products rely on ammonia to swell or open the surface (or the hair) to allow them to penetrate to the centre where they need to be to do their work. Once the outer layer of the hair has been opened it never quite goes back to the same old smooth self. There is a point where the surface of the hair is so open that it becomes rough to touch, tangles, has no shine and eventually splits and breaks.

If large amounts of ammonia are used in hair colouring/products, it can cause eye and skin irritation/burning, headaches, nausea, vomiting, breathing difficulties/coughing and loss of smell. When inhaled it is particularly harmful to smokers or people with colds, asthma and respiratory problems. The build up of the ammonia in the body results in a rapid onset of fatigue and can cause an escalation in fluid on the lungs with severe shortness of breath. If the levels are not reduced they can lead to muscle catabolism and interference with the brain function. Severe ammonia toxicity can lead to organ failure, and eventually death.

What effect does Ammonia Have On Pregnant Women and Cancer Suffers ?

While there have been no definite proof that using hair dye containing ammonia during pregnancy causes any harm to the fetus, many health care professionals still prefer to play it safe and recommend that pregnant patients avoid such hair colour - especially during the first trimester - when the most rapid and vital development is taking place. The fear related tot he use of ammonia during the pregnancy is that infants under the age of 3 months will have a higher chance of getting Blue Baby syndrome because the nitrogen in ammonia reduces the oxygen levels in the blood. Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid chemical fumes in any case, and the strong odor from ammonia often triggers nausea during pregnancy.

 Cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy often have failing livers, which means they can't metabolite ammonia. This may lead to the accumulation of toxic levels of ammonia within the body and cause abnormal brain function, which is signaled by confusion, irritability, agitation, delirium, asterixis, lethargy and coma.

Whats the differences  will  you notice with ammonia free

No toxic smell;
No staining of the skin;
No eye or skin irritation; and
No coughing.

Plus you can changer your hair colour more easily and be more adventurous because of the lack of damage to the structure of the hair. In the past ammonia-free colours weren't particularly effective, but now because of the advancement of technology means the results today are just as good - minus the toxins!!! 





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